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Senior Vice President, Section One
Wallace Alan Franklin 

Al Franklin received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Accounting from Lowell Technological Institute in December 1973. He is a Certified Government Financial Manager from the National Association of Government Accountants. He also passed the certification program and received the CGA, Certified Governmental Accountant from the Massachusetts Municipal Auditors and Accountants Association in June 1985.

Mr. Franklin was a auditor for 33 years since going to work for the Massachusetts Office of the State Auditor in July 1974 until he retired in February 2007. He worked in the field on various types of audits and was appointed as an Audit Manager in December 1987. He oversaw a staff of 16 field auditors assigned to the Lancaster District Office covering audits thought out the center part of the Commonwealth. In addition to his full time position with the State Auditors Office, he was the part-time Town Accountant for Lancaster, Massachusetts from April 1978 until June 30, 2002.

Since Mr. Franklin joined the AGA, Boston Chapter in 1978 he have been actively involved. He have been on a number of committees, such as the Scholarship Committee, Registration committee, Chapter Training Committee. In addition, he has been elected or appointed to the following Chapter officer positions: President Elect 1994-1995, President 1995-1996, Immediate Past President 1996-1997, Director at Large 1997-2004, and Director of By-Laws and Procedures 2004-2005. He returned as President Elect for 2006-2007 and Chapter President for 2007-2008.Nationally, Mr. Franklin has been the Regional Vice-President Elect 1996-1997 Regional Vice-President 1997-1998, and a member of the Financial and Budget Committee 1999- 2002. He started his 3 year term as Senior Vice President Regional Services - Section 1 in July 2009.